Digital is the new and ever-evolving marketplace. Only those who have mastered the art of connecting and following evolving trends can reap the benefits. Do you want to reach your audience across multiple platforms of digital? We are here for you, for good.
    Social Media Marketing

    At the end of the day, it is brands that connect with their audience that truly win on social media. Our engagement on social media gives a relatable and human face to your brand with the ultimate goal of building a tribe of evangelists for your brand.
    We are also experts at creating and targeting winning ad campaigns on various social media platforms. 
    Search Engine Optimization

    We believe your brand should have the best place on the first page of search engines. Our SEO services bestrides the pillars of On-site SEO, Off-site SEO and Local SEO. It covers content analysis/optimization, digital footprints audit, sitemap generation, search engine submission, backlinks building, article promotion/offsite engagement, and local business directory listings.
    Google Ads (PPC, Display)

    Beyond building a website, you need to put your brand in the faces and consciouness of your prospects. With Google Ads, we take persuasive stories about your brand to people who need you, before they need you and when they need you.  Our key promise here is to promote your business and help generate the most convertible leads on Google Network through paid advertising.
    Email Marketing

    Our strategic and cost effective email marketing service is designed to create and launch amazing weekly newsletters to your entire customer database. Our email copies are created with customer acquisition and conversion in mind. Our on-demand email software allows us to create, manage and launch personalised email campaigns of virtually any size, based on your customer behaviour and demographics.


    Ideas rule the world; but not all Ideas rule the world.
    For us, the idea is the backbone of every campaign or design. So, when it comes to ideation, our task is simple (read "not simple"): We come up with ideas big enough to join the band of rulers!

    Digital Strategy
    In an ever evolving digital ecosystem, our tested and trusted strategy is poised to help your brand develop a unique visual language, expressive brand voice, winning product strategy, creative concept and the Big Idea that serves as a creative throughline across each element and touchpoint of your envisioned brand.
    Creative Development
    We are grandmasters in the journey of creating big ideas and developing winning creative verticals. 
    Content Strategy/Development
    Content is King. Stories are the kingmakers. Content marketing is no longer a game of numbers, It is now a game of relevant stories. We help brands create and tell the best version of their stories. The goal? Make the audience fall in love with the brand.

    Digital Branding and Design

    In the world of branding, perception is everthing. How do you want your prospects to see you? How should they see you? We answer such questions with our strategic services for brand outlook and positioning.
    Brand Assets

    From logos to mockups and print media designs, we help deliver your key promise and manage brand experience.
    For us, your audience’ perception of you begins with your brand assets.

    UI/UX Design
    For us, beauty and usability go hand in hand. Our designs help users own their experience on your platforms, moving from the sphere of interfaces to the sphere of connection.
    Web and Mobile App Development
    We understand and work with the intricacies of the new age web and mobile app development and design such as, speed, responsiveness, simplicity, and minimalism. We believe a website or mobile platform should have a strategic role in the achievement of a organisation's bottomline. Let's show you how we break the culture of web and app dormancy.
    Website Design and Development
    Why do you need a website? That is the first question we ask when you give us your brief. We believe any website that is worth creating, should be created to achieve a goal. In building the website, two things are paramount on our minds: User experience and your return on investment.
    Progressive Web App
    At the core of every app is ease for the user. Our progressive Web app service is designed to create ease not only for the user, but also the owner.
    Mobile App Development
    There are apps, and there are apps. We make your app users spot the difference with the kind of usability that we create.


    Life-long learning is soul of our training service. We offer basic, intermediate and advanced Digital Marketing Training for both individuals and corporate bodies. Our training is focused on helping individuals build new skills for career and business advancement.
    Digital Marketing Certification Course
    As a registered OMCP Education provider, we offer internationally recognized certification course on the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing. Our Curriculum covers Pay Per Click Advertising, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing and Mobile Marketing.
    Google Digital Skills Training
    As a Google Digital Skills for Africa Partner, we set up free trainings and collaborate with individuals and corporate bodies across Nigeria, teaching them the nitty-gritty of leveraging the online opportunity for business and career.

    Edubridge Consultants Limited is a digital transformation agency specialized in providing web technology solutions, business applications and softskill trainings tailored to meet clients’ needs.



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