Go-Startup Kit

    At Edubridge, we have come up with a simple solution for all your worries about starting out online. With over 10 years of experience with working with SMEs, we know for a fact that it takes more than building a website to hit success online. It takes deliberate and committed marketing efforts; which could mean working on multiple channels to reach your prospective customers online. It is already hard enough to manage your business offline, how do you cope with the many things you need to do to set up shop online? We call this solution, The Go Startup Kit (a One-month Digital business package for SMEs). The Go Startup Kit is an all in one package that takes the burden of creating and managing your digital presence off your shoulders.
    Go-Startup Kit Features

    Web Design and Management

    Your website is your digital shop and home base. The best websites are those that provide the right information and experience needed for prospects to take the needed action. In building your website, we make sure it provides the right customer experience across every device platform. The goal is to make sure it displays optimally with great user experience on devices such as smartphones, tablets and PCs. Speed and security are also our priority.

    Social Media Marketing and Management

    How you engage with your audience on social media has a huge effect on your conversion rate. During the course of your one-month plan, we will create graphic and text content (3 Posts Per Week on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) that will drive interaction with your brand and among your followers. We will make them ask questions about your brand, and engage them as tribe/community members and customers.

    Online Advertising

    Online advertising is one of the ways you can get customers online. Adverts about your products or services can be targeted for specific age groups, people in specific locations, or with specific interests that match your business prospects. We will promote your business on Google Network and Social Media with a N55,000 Advertising Budget.


    Your business is a brand that needs to be set apart from the pack. When your business has a unique identity, it helps prospects recognize you easily. Our Go Startup Kit also delivers great digital and print media branding for your business such as, Logo Design, Banner Design, Complimentary Card Design, Roll-up banner design and Stationery design Mockup.

    Search Engine Optimization

    Your prospects are always online searching for the products or services that you offer. How do you meet them at the point of their need? With the Go StartUp Kit, our SEO plan is poised to get you in the faces of those looking for what you're offering. We focus on driving the following objectives: Increase ranking on targeted Keywords on Google Search and Promote four articles on niche or audience affinity websites with backlinks.

    SME Starter Kit

    We designed the SME Starter to enable businesses with a low marketing budget to also tap into the digital opportunities to grow their businesses, starting with owning a website for your business and online marketing to reach out to potential customers.
    How it Works

    Every business needs visibility. Ours is simple and easy to integrate into your marketing plan.
    Here is how it works
    Connect With Us
    Fill out our form with your details and we will start service you right away.
    Set up your Website
    We will design your website to appeal and talk to your target customers.
    We Will Run Your Ads
    Your website is ready now to be advertised to your potential customers.
    Yay! Success Story
    With monitoring and optimizing, we will drive your business to success.
    The Benefits

    Your business stands to own a website at a price close to nothing with a marketing budget
    of N25,000, a plan, and free online marketing management.
    Custom Brand Website

    Six Webpages

    20 Product uploads

    Customized Pages

    Graphic Banners

    Brand Promotion

    Campaign budget worth ₦25,000

    Up to 400,000 brand reach

    5,000 website visits

    Leads and Calls

    Online is the new Normal

    We know that many small businesses are facing challenges transitioning to online business Model. To assist your business We will not only set up a website presence for you, we will work with you to find your customers online all within an affordable budget of N30,000.

    Let’s Start Your Project Today

    Let’s Start Your Project Today


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