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Product Design (UI/UX)
About the course
There is a science to designing User Interfaces for digital platforms. It all begins with the User’s experience You start with a rigorous research process to understand the needs and wants of the potential user as regards the platform. Then you move on to the Interface Design by visually guiding the user through a product’s interface via interactive elements and across all sizes/platforms.
What you will Learn

User Experience Design Principles
UXD Ecosystem
Flexible Content Strategy
Transition- Definition to Design
Wireframing and Annotating
Sitemaps and flow tasks
Prototyping Methods
Design user testing
Start Date: 4th May, 2019
Venue: 3rd floor, 152 Obafemi awolowo .
Price: ₦120,000 ₦100,000 (Promo Ending Soon).
Learning pace & Time: 4 Weeks (Saturdays).
Web Design/Front End Development
About the course
TSome websites are great. Some websites are bland. Only the best designers can make the difference. In this course, you will learn basic website programming and design languages, HTML and CSS. You will learn to create webpages using basic elements to control layouts and style. You will also learn how to make your web page designs adapt to different screen sizes using responsive grid layouts. The foundation skill will enable you to create more complex websites.
What you will Learn

Introduction to Web Design
Dynamics of Content Management Systems
HTML Essentials Adding Media to a Webpage
Text Basics
Semantics and Organization
Tables and Form
CSS Essentials
Responsive Web Design
CSS Special Effects.
Start Date: 4th May, 2019
Venue: 3rd floor, 152 Obafemi awolowo .
Price: ₦100,000 ₦90,000 (Promo Ending Soon).
Learning pace & Time: 4 Weeks (Saturdays).
Graphics Design and Brand Management
About the course
Design is a method of expression. It communicates a visual message. The difference between a bland design and a design with a message that resonates is the graphics designer. The key skills shared by good graphic designers are creativity and an ability to use a graphic to communicate an idea clearly. Good graphic design provides clear visual communication. Our training will ensure you learn how to tell the right stories with every element and creatively representing the values of a brand.
What you will Learn

How to think like a designer
Colour Theory Typography
Basic element and principles of design
Design ideas and softwares
Grid system in graphics design and layout.
Image usage (using stock image/photography)
Interpretation of briefs
Identity Design.
Printing for press
Start Date: 4th May, 2019
Venue: 3rd floor, 152 Obafemi awolowo .
Price: ₦90,000 ₦70,000 (Promo Ending Soon).
Learning pace & Time: 4 Weeks (Saturdays).

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