Hello friends, Good day and Happy New Week. If you are reading this blog post, chances are that you have considered using the internet to grow your business and boost web presence for your business.  Online marketing, also known as digital marketing,  is a means of attracting, acquiring and engaging customers geared and primed towards the customers making a profitable action.


Are you a trader, Tailor, Consultant, Tutor, Mechanic, or you run a school, hospital, fashion design outfit, import, and export business? digital marketing has become businesses best bet at beating out the competition, generating leads and sales, and surviving in a fast pace environment because of the population and opportunities the online world leverages on. I know that most Small and medium scale business owners understand that online marketing can help their business grow...but their major headache lies on the shoulders of these three letter word... HOW?


In the last 15 years, the business atmosphere has witnessed tremendous changes in the way businesses is carried out and customers are becoming increasingly dynamic in taste, attitude, and values, new models have emerged over these years and the most notable impact that is perhaps responsible for this dynamism is the Information Technology. This article would help you to understand the ways in which you can maximize online marketing to your brand's advantage...either to increase your brand's visibility or to generate more profit.


Maximize these three steps and see how your business would grow online

#USE THE RIGHT TOOL: The online world is dynamic and if you want to leverage on its dynamism you have to understand how it works and which tool to use. Knowing your customers (personas) better i.e which social media platform you would find them when they go online, which device do they use to go online - could help you understand which tools to use and how to optimize such tools to grow your business.


For example, if I run a fashion design business, I would be on almost all social networks because I understand that everyone wears a cloth, which makes my work a necessity for all. I would not just go online, I would live online so as to be found when a customer searches or need my services. I would also register my business with google my business, which would help my business to be found whenever someone does a localized search like fashion designer in Egbeda or Port-Harcourt. I would build a beautiful website that would showcase my work. This would also be extended to social media platforms. By using the right tools, I would be found online, which would generate leads and further promote profitable customer action.

#CONSISTENCY: As digital marketing has proven itself to be the most powerful advertising tool for almost all businesses, one thing is clear: You must be consistent with your marketing channels. An engaging and committed brand message with a consistent brand voice has been seen to be a good and efficient digital marketing strategy. As you continue to grow your company’s reputation as a consistent go-to resource for quality information, you will build brand awareness. This brand awareness would result in traffic generation, especially when optimized for search engines.  this strategy would boost your authority in the marketplace, Increase customer engagement and loyalty while it would also position your brand properly and in turn command a higher pricing-niche for your products.


#FIND A BALANCE BETWEEN POPULARITY AND BUSINESS : Your professional social media site is supposed to be about your business, though you still want to make sure that it's getting the attention you want it to get. Simply put, you want to be popular on social media. However, you need to find that balance between popularity and business. You need to have a little bit of both and mix the more fun side that wants popularity with the serious and informative side that boosts the reputation of your business.

#MEASUREMENT: In a constantly and rapidly changing business landscape, the need to measure digital marketing success as efficiently as possible has increased in importance more than ever before. Every digital marketing tool available has some means of measuring success made available through the various metrics business owners can obtain.


Measurement of ROI (Return On Investment) is absolutely necessary because it gives you a hindsight on your progress digitally. Metrics that are essential to look into are Bounce rate, Total visits, Total conversion, Customer retention rate, Likes, Followers e.t.c. Metrics you look into also depends on the tools you used during the marketing process.


If you can get it right then I assure you that a good and efficient digital marketing strategy would elevate your business to another level.

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Do the Right content, Get the right customers

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Navin on Thursday, 14 June 2018 06:58

All informations given above is useful, hence Chennai is updated in Digital marketing all tactics for seo is full fledged explained through Digital marketing course in chennai.

All informations given above is useful, hence Chennai is updated in Digital marketing all tactics for seo is full fledged explained through Digital marketing course in chennai. www.zuaneducation.com/digital-marketing-training-courses

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