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6 Reasons Why Digital Marketing is Not Working for You

6 Reasons Why Digital Marketing is Not Working for You

There's a whole lot digital marketing can do for your business. From being able to reach more customers than you can reach offline to being able to meet them at the point of their need, the digital platform is like an unknown “big man” writing you a blank cheque. The problem arises when you don’t realise the amount of bucks the man has, and you ask for too little. But you know all these already. Or were you not the one that was talking about how Onome is now getting calls from left, right and centre after she took her makeup business online? You were not the one? Kontinu.

Now, let’s say you have decided to take off your jacket and confess that man’s really hot...what am I saying? What I mean is that now that you have decided to employ digital marketing to grow your business, there are some things that you need to take note of before you start.

Taking your business online will do a great deal for you. Conversely, it may fail to give the desired results. This does not necessarily mean that it is a waste of time or your business is not meant for the digital platform. There might just be a few things you are not doing right. Let's check out some of the likely reasons an "epic fail" in your digital journey.


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1. Not Setting a Goal

When you heard all those good things that digital marketing can do for your business, you couldn’t wait to take your business online. But then, in the spirit of "Let's go there!" you forgot the bedrock of your online strategy which is having a goal you want to achieve with digital.

Being able to pinpoint your goal(s) gives you direction on how to go about planning your strategy. No, you don’t just tell someone to build a website for you. You need to articulate what you want that website to do for your business. Do you want to get more conversions? Or are you trying to reach out to old customers? Do you want people to be more aware of your brand? (If you’re giving your web development project to an agency, you should know that a good agency will ask you these questions at the "brief" stage).

These questions are not just relevant in building a website for your business. It is necessary in all your digital touchpoints. They should be considered when taking your business on social media or setting up an online advertising campaign.

2. Not Targeting Those Who Need You

Let's say I’m organising a strategy workshop for C-level executives and I need like fifty people to attend. So I create an ad and put it on Linda Ikeji’s Blog. The blog gets lots of traffic, and the more people who see the ad, the better, right? Wrong. I can’t really find the people I am trying to reach there.

If you are offering a product to particular set of people, the best thing to do is to target them. Place your contents and ads on platforms where they can be found. You need to ask yourself some salient questions like, who are your target audience? Where can you find them online? How do they think? How can you attract them with your message? From social media to online advertising, being able to answer these questions gives you direction on where, when and how to relate with your audience for the ultimate purpose of conversion.

3. Not Measuring the Right Metrics

Spending time and funds on digital marketing without measuring the right metrics is like fetching water into a basket; you are banking on the fact that water is pouring in, but the basket is not getting filled. You don't know that because you're busy looking at the tap.

Measuring the right metrics is dependent on your goals. For instance, you did a post on facebook for people to sign up for a newsletter, and you get a hundred likes for the post. Don’t get excited about the likes. What you need to know if you are achieving your goal of conversion is to check how many people clicked the sign up button and filled the form.

4. Not Putting a Call to Action in Your Copy

The unspoken mantra for the average internet user is, “no time,” and for them, it’s not just a line in African China’s song. After creatively catching the attention of your prospective customer, you don’t just want them to say, “nice ad” or “nice post” and move on. You want them to take an action. So, tell them what action you want them to take. Do you want them to book your services? Call you? Or buy something? Say it in your message.

5. Focusing on Sales Instead of the Customer

Customers can smell a sales pitch a mile away. a lot of brands have been in their faces before, how are you different? Today’s buyers do their homework more than ever before, so your marketing, content, ads, systems and processes all have to revolve around what the buyer is seeking. offer them a value greater than what you are selling and they will listen to you. For instance, if you are a boutique or marketing a clothing line, other than just trying to sell your clothes, you can also give styling tips through videos, text and images across your digital platforms.


6. Trying to Do Everything Yourself

You are not a superhero. Except you have super powers, which of course I know you don’t, you can’t successfully manage your offline business together with all the aspects of digital marketing for your business. With some form of multi-tasking, you might be able to manage your social media campaigns and some of your content marketing. However, when it comes to such technicalities like web development, web analytics, search marketing and search engine optimization, you will need to outsource it to an agency that will do all the hard work. When it comes to digital marketing, your return on investment is very paramount, and you can’t afford to do it in half measures. It’s best to outsource for digital marketing campaign to an agency that is a certified partner of major digital platform owners such as Google and Facebook.  

Looking for a such an agency? That’s who we are at Edubridge Consultants Limited. Let’s Manage your digital marketing today.


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